The brief introduction about silane coupling agent

Silane coupling agent is a kind of modified materials which has excellent high temperature resistance and weather resistance, excellent electrical and surface properties and it is physiologically inert, it is widely used in military, construction,chemical, textile, electronics, electricity, machinery, composite materials, cultural relics protection and biological engineering industries., etc. 

As a kind of irreplaceable basic materials, silane coupling agent mainly appear as trifunctional and bifunctional alkoxysilane, including methoxysilane and ethoxysilane. The golobal market demand is showing a rapid growth trend. 120,000 tons in the year of 2008 while 40,000tons in China and 200,000 tons in the year of 2012 while 90,000 tons in China. 

At present, the traditional production method of silane coupling agent is based on HSiCl3 as the raw material, that is, begin from the HSiCl3, but this method has a problem of high resource consumption, environmental pollution (large amount of hydrogen chloride emissions), long producton process and the high cost of production. Therefore, the world's research and production orgnizations are all taking the direct synthesis of alkoxysilane from silicon/alcohol as the latest and best development direction for the production of silane coupling agent, it has the advantages of a short production process, low consumption, substantial energy saving and emission reduction. Hubei WD Silicone Co., Ltd. had developed a direct synthesis method of the production of trimethoxysilane with silicon powder and methanol as raw materials and further production of silane coupling agent.


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