The brief introduction of silicone resin in China

Silicone Resin is some kind of thermosetting materials, with excellent thermal oxidation stability and excellent electrical insulation properties, in addition, it also has excellent properties of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-rust, cold resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance to most of aqueous chemical reagents. The proportion of silicone resin in the entire organosilicone materials is very small, the consumption volume of silicone resin in USA, Western Europe and Japan is bout 35,000 Metric tons/year, only 5% of total consumption volume of siloxane.

The silicone resin industry in China is developing slowly, the total output is small, only accounts for 3% of the total output of organosilicon products in China. Silicone Resin industry is the most lagging industry of the whole downstream of silicone industry in China. There is only about 30 manufacturers of silicone resins in China at present, most of them are small factories. Currently, the annual consumption volume of silicone resin in China is about 10,000 Metric tons, only 1/3 is produced by the local factories. 

Methyl silicone resin and Methyl phenyl silicone resin are the main products manufactured by Chinese plants, they are mainly used in the electrical and electronic components for moisture-resistant insulation, formulating high temperature and weather resistant coatings, scratch resistant coatings for plexiglass and metal surface, waterproofing coatings, etc. 

With the development of methyl monomer in China, there will be surplus Methyl trichlorosilane at a large amount in the future , what's more, in the next few years, there will be a  great development of phenyl monomer in China, which will greatly promote the production and application of silicone resin in China.

The list of the current main suppliers of silicone resins in China: 

Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant
Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Shanghai Resin Factory Co., Ltd
Runhe Organicsilicone New Material Co., Ltd
Changzhou Yuanen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd 
Zhejiang Hongchuang New Material Co., Ltd
Changzhou Jianuo Silicone Co., Ltd 
Helin Resin Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Bald Advanced Materials Co., Ltd
Hua Feng Organosilicon Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Sanmu Group


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