The current status of the silicone oils production in China

There are a great variety of silicone Oils and their further processing products. Silicone oils mainly include dimethyl silicone oil, polyether modified silicone oil, amino silicone oil, methyl hydrogen silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, hydroxyl silicone oil and phenyl silicone oil., etc. The further processing products of silicone oils mainly include silicone grease and emulsion, silicone antifoam, silicone release agent and silicone elastomer etc. 

The consumption volume for dimethyl silicone oil is the largest, it is widely used in the silicone rubber processing, antifoam, textile finishing agent, leather chemicals, cosmetics, release agent., etc. 

Polyether modified silicone oil is widely used as foam Stabilizer and leveling agent, amino silicone oils is mainly used as textile finishing agent and leather auxiliaries, phenyl silicone oil is mainly used as the basic oil for high and low temperature lubriciating greases.

Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil in China are largely exported in recent years, it is widely used as gypsum board water repellent, raw materials for modified silicone oil, crosslinking agent and anti-yellowing agent for silicone rubber. 

The current status of the silicone oils production in China:

    1. There are about 200 manufacturing enterprises engaged in the production of silicone oils and their further processing products in China, besides, there are many new plants joining in this industry each year, but most of them have small size and small fixed investment, few variety of products. 

    2. Domestic manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in the middle and low-end products, such as dimethyl silicone oil, methyl hydrogen silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, etc, competition between enterprises mainly focus on price competition. High-end silicone oil such as polyether modified silicone oil and other modified silicone oil have to depend on importation. The main reason is that the quality of dimethyl monomer is difficult to meet the requirements and the type of special monomers in China is relatively small, although the current breakthrough, there is still far from the mass production;

    3. Some of the products made by part of the enterprises in China  have already  reached the international advanced level, but generally, the  problem of the low R & D investment and unstable quality of the products still needs to be solved. 


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